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Boda de maria pombo

Yolancris for maría pombo chapter i

To imitate the decoration and achieve a style similar to that of the influencer and her husband, the first option is to delegate the function in the hands of a wedding planner. In the galleries of these companies you will find very similar options: Tipi Weddings, Tocados y Eventos and Este sapo tiene novia. Another possibility is to rent the material you need independently or hire these decoration, furniture and floral art companies: DeMadera Chic, Woowlow, Boheme Sensations, Mafesa Integral, Ana Tocados, and the event’s own companies, EventOh! and Ledilux Iluminación. It will be a great success!
If the idea of having a mechanical bull at the party is on your mind, but you are hesitating, María Pombo and Pablo Castellano will surely convince you. And the young couple surprised their inner circle with this fun fair attraction, which caused more than one unexpected fall and endless laughter.
Why not include a mechanical bull in your bridal party? Beyond the fun it will offer you, it will also serve as the perfect frame for 100% fun and spontaneous photos. These organization and animation companies have what you are looking for: Producciones Animadas P y P, XelaSport – Fotomatón, Lara Cos and Hook Eventos, among others. It will be hard to forget!

María pombo talks about her day to day life as an influencer

María Pombo, spectacular in Yolancris. The ‘influencer’ chose a Yolancris dress for her big day. For the church ceremony she wore an embroidered gown, but she took it off for the ceremony and showed off her back with this beautiful dress. Our grade for her first bridal look: A 10.
McDonald’s could not miss. Those who know María Pombo well know that McDonald’s french fries drive her completely crazy? Impossible not to have them at her wedding! A very funny detail that drove her guests crazy.
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No summer without them ❤️ vlog

They are already married. Maria Pombo and Pablo Castellano said «I do» yesterday and then celebrated the union with a big party as expected. It has not been like Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos, but the truth is that it has been very special for their guests seeing everything they have left us on social networks.
One of the highlights of this wedding held in Santander has been the decoration of the place where the banquet was held. Thus, a tent received the guests, loaded with hanging plants, garlands, with a very natural and romantic decoration.
A fundamental part of any wedding is the gifts for the guests. So, while the women received Agatha jewelry, the men received Jo Malone perfumes and others, like Laura Escanes, received a special gift for Rome, and all this with personalized napkins with the initials of each guest embroidered in blue on a white background.
Yes, in keeping with the sheep inspiration, there was a mechanical bull on which the guests, and even the bride and groom, did not hesitate to get on with results for all tastes, but in any case, very funny.

La boda completa de maría pombo y pablo

María Pombo es una sensación española de Instagram, Youtuber, y bloguera detrás del blog Hola Fashion Yo, Mi, Me, Contigo. Los seguidores de Mara Pombo en Instagram pueden ver de todo, desde moda hasta viajes. También tiene un canal de YouTube llamado María Pombo.
Por el momento, no hay información sobre los padres de María. También tiene dos hermanas, Marta y Lucía Pombo, que son dos populares influencers. Ella también las ha presentado en sus posts de Instagram. Sin embargo, parece que María prefiere mantener a sus padres fuera de los focos, ya que rara vez habla de ellos en las redes sociales.
En cuanto a la formación y las calificaciones de María, los nombres de las instituciones educativas a las que asistió no están disponibles actualmente. Y, dada su edad, debe haber completado tanto el instituto como la universidad, a menos que María haya abandonado los estudios o haya decidido interrumpirlos.
María Pombo mide 1,65 metros de altura y pesa 54 kilogramos. Sus otras medidas corporales son 33-24-34 pulgadas para el pecho, la cintura y las caderas. Ella también tiene el pelo castaño y los ojos marrones. También se ha matizado el pelo en rubio. Pombo también es una joven impresionantemente bella.