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Patricia garcia de paredes

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Patricia García de Paredes is a Sevillian based in Granada and passionate about fashion. Like many other young women she has launched into the digital world through her social networks and her blog. On Instagram she has more than 100,000 followers who follow her looks daily and to whom she serves as inspiration with her way of combining clothes and her lifestyle.
Recently this content creator has caught our attention for making the low-cost looks she wears for special events not seem so. The budget, as she shows, is not an impediment to look elegant and sophisticated at a wedding or party. And if you don’t believe it… with Patricia García de Paredes you will see it clearly.
Two looks that will make you fall in love. Two very different dresses from two very affordable brands. The first one is a green dress perfect for an evening wedding and it’s from Oysho. To turn it into a winning dress she has opted for a low ponytail with waves that gives it a very chic look and fine golden accessories: sandals, quilted bag and golden bracelets.

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I’m sure you’re like us at this moment, speechless. Because it may not be your style, or you can’t imagine yourself as a bride, but Patricia looks amazing, different and above all perfect in her style.and also, thanks to the publications on instagram we have discovered that, under the hashtag #noviaenpantalones, all these jewels of looks are hidden:
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A bride who transmits a sweetness with her wedding styling. Alicia got married in February in Avilés (Asturias), so her main choice could not be more successful: a short cape to the waist, also called capelina, made of pink velvet with inner lining in jaccuard flowers in tone. A garment that defines Alicia’s entire look, from the originality of choosing a capelin to keep warm, to the touch of color that is then replicated in details such as the headdress of flowers in cold porcelain or the bridal bouquet itself.
Patricia’s ‘wedding dress’ is really a two-piece ensemble. The first is the spectacular fitted jumpsuit with a boat neckline, long sleeves (with chiffon petal details) and skinny pants with ‘star’ detail, made in talcum powder-colored silk crepe. And the second garment was the beautiful damask overskirt with silk satin inner ruffles and finished with lace and pleated ruffles; the classic touch for a look of the most groundbreaking.