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From fantasy epics such as «Harry Potter» and «Alice in Wonderland» to quieter, character-driven dramas such as «The King’s Speech» and «The Crown,» Helena’s diversification has made her one of the most beloved actresses in the UK and internationally for her signature characters.
She was the partner of actor and director Kenneth Branagh between 1994 and 1999, and was also the partner of Tim Burton, whom she met during the filming of Planet of the Apes (2001) and with whom she has two children: Billy Ray (born in 2003) and Nell (born in 2007).[5] For her performance in The Wings of the Earth, Helena was the first actress to be cast in The King’s Speech and The Crown.
For her performance in The Wings of the Dove (1997), a film by Iain Softley that adapted a novel by Henry James, she received a Golden Globe nomination and was also nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress. She was again nominated for an Oscar, this time in the Supporting Actress category for her role as Isabel Bowes-Lyon in Tom Hooper’s film The King’s Speech (2010), which focuses on the story of King George VI of the United Kingdom and his stuttering.

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Anthony Asquith (London, November 9, 1902-ibid., February 20, 1968) was a British film director, son of Herbert Henry Asquith, prime minister during World War I, and Margot Asquith.
He dealt with the crime genre in A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929), and the documentary in Tell England, about the Dardanelles War. He triumphed in the cinematographic adaptation of such typically English plays as the aforementioned Pygmalion (1938), The Importance of Being Earnest (1953), about the play of the same name by Oscar Wilde, and many others, especially by the playwright Terence Rattigan. He made a masterpiece about World War II, The Way to the Stars (1945), and tackled great themes with a correct style, although somewhat academic: The Young Lovers (1954) and Orders to Kill (1958).
He was above all a great director of actors and a great adaptor of theatrical works to the cinematographic medium. His masterpieces also include The Browning Version (1951) and The Winslow Boy (1948), both based on plays by Terence Rattigan.

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Burton loved movies, especially fantasy films. One of the first films he saw of this genre was Jason and the Argonauts. He was interested in the special effects of Ray Harryhausen, with his stop motion technique, which he later used in his films.
Determined to continue with his personal plans, and counting on the creative freedom that the company had granted him, as well as the economic support of some of its executives,[6] he began directing his first short films, Vincent and Frankenweenie, as well as writing and illustrating a poem, which would lead to the film The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Although it garnered a nomination at the Saturn Awards, the content of the short led Disney to fire Burton just after its production was completed, as they found Frankenweenie «too scary for their younger audiences». In 1994, following the success of films such as Beetlejuice and Batman, the short was marketed on video; thereafter, it has been available as bonus material on The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD, Blu-ray and Playstation UMD disc formats. In late 2007, Burton signed a contract with Disney Studios to adapt the short film into a full-length feature film.[18] In 2007, Burton signed a contract with Disney Studios to adapt the short film into a full-length feature film.[18] In 2007, Burton signed a contract with Disney.

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Elena Goshkin era la secretaria de Reese Hoffman en el Casino Roaring 20’s y su aliada en el complot para apoderarse de Las Vegas con Kenny Sinclair y Klaus Von Haug. Fue una antagonista secundaria en la Trilogía de la Jungla de Cristal 2: Viva Las Vegas.
Como amiga de Kenny Sinclair, asistió con su jefe a la celebración de su nuevo trabajo como alcaide de la prisión de Mesa Grande, donde le presentaron a John McClane, con quien hablaron de Klaus Von Haug, un despiadado terrorista recluido en Mesa Grande. Durante la fiesta, Von Haug se escapó e incitó una fuga de la prisión. McClane, haciendo lo que mejor sabe hacer, se apresuró a entrar en acción y luchar contra los convictos fugados.
Goshkin estaba en la presa Hoover, a las afueras de Las Vegas, con el plan de infectar Las Vegas con un virus unido a una bomba que se liberará en el suministro de agua. Se enfrentó a McClane en la presa y se enzarzó con él en un tiroteo explosivo, que culminó con Goshkin lanzándose por una ventana hacia su muerte.