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Bloodstained: ritual of the night

Gameplay -part 13- investigating under the fountain of blood

Metroidvania is a mix of action, platformer and RPG with a large world of mazes, where new corners open up after acquiring various skills. A great genre, but extremely rare in the classic interpretation. download Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night : get the opportunity to relive an adventure story in one of the best metroidvania performances.
The action takes place in the castle of Jebel. Traveling through the rooms and corridors leads to inevitable encounters and battles with various monsters that lose their crystals. By absorbing them, Miriam gains strength, but gradually loses her humanity.
Sometimes it is impossible to go through the maze without an additional pumping of skills (it is important to get a special item or complete a task). Endless walking adventure makes the difference between the interiors is excellent. The further you advance in the game, the more magic and weapons you encounter, the more diverse enemies become, so that interest in the adventure does not fade. Everyone who decides to download Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, I will be convinced by personal experience: the plot of the game is emphatically old-fashioned, there is a lot of theatricality and Japanese pathos, there is nothing abstruse and especially complicated, the quality of graphics leaves much to be desired. But, surprisingly, the game is still fascinating, the intrigue remains, and the ending of the game remains unpredictable until the very end – this is a true classic of the genre!

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One of the first things you encounter in Bloodstained is the blood fountain. It’s clear that you can go underneath it, but it’s not clear how to drain the blood fountain. Check out this guide to find out how to drain the Blood Fountain in Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night.
This is from a boss fight that you will encounter in about 8-9 hours. You must first have the Reflector Ray ability from another boss and then climb higher to the Dian Cecht Cathedral. Your objective is to go here on the map.

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A riesgo de ser reduccionista, hay muy poco que decir sobre Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night aparte de esto: es bueno. Desde el día en que este juego llegó a Kickstarter hace más de cuatro años, siempre ha estado claro lo que pretendía conseguir. Si lo consiguiera, sería bueno. Si no, sería un fracaso.
Así que sí, Ritual of the Night es bueno, y eso es porque sus desarrolladores lograron su único trabajo: revivir la “Igavania”, un estilo específico de juego de Castlevania en el que el productor Koji Igarashi trabajó en Konami durante algo más de una década. A partir de Symphony of the Night, de 1997, Igarashi transformó la serie Castlevania, centrada en la acción, en una mezcla de exploración al estilo Metroid con fuertes elementos de rol. Le siguieron dos trilogías para Game Boy Advance y Nintendo DS, generalmente muy aclamadas.
Ritual of the Night es el primer juego de Igarashi desde que abandonó Konami y, como su nombre indica, se inspira en Symphony of the Night y sus sucesores. El juego está ahora renderizado con polígonos, no con píxeles, pero ese es el único cambio significativo. Temática, estilística y mecánicamente, Ritual of the Night es un juego de Castlevania en todo menos en el nombre.

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The game is wonderfully smooth with responsive gameplay, not to mention a sense of constant progress and achievement. Bloodstained has a great loot system and fantastic magic mechanics that remind me of some of my favorite games in the genre.
What sets Bloodstained apart from other Metroidvanias is the intense amount of action you experience right from the start. Not only are there a plethora of regular baddies, but also some hidden bosses around the game in case you want to punish yourself some more.
Whether you’re saving an idiot from himself, playing hits for an angry villager, or just cooking for an old lady, you’ll find yourself quite busy. Aside from that, cooking is also an important and incredibly fun aspect of the game that serves two distinct purposes:
As you can imagine, there is a hidden item drop stat linked to the Luck stat and these boosts often increase your luck. All of these increases are permanent and you can see a cumulative total on the corresponding screen.

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