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El blog del profe juan valores

El blog del profe juan valores

Activities to work on respect in primary school

With the aim of starting by developing some rules and that, from the first day, the coexistence between students, teachers and other members of the educational community is a fundamental axis in our relationships in the center, it seems that the first value came like a glove for the month of SEPTEMBER.
In a center where the great majority of the students are of gypsy ethnicity, working on Tolerance to culminate with the celebration of the Day of the Gypsy People on APRIL 8, opens the doors to talk about how the distinction between «Payos and Gypsies» should not be a problem in today’s society.
We broaden horizons with the previous topic and talk about Interculturality. The different cultures and peoples living together in the world should live in mutual respect and we take the opportunity to celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity on MAY 21st.

Social and civic values

It has been proven that a large part of a person’s success is based on the ability to relate to others. Technical knowledge, study and talent are important to develop in life, but it is thanks to interpersonal relationships that we are able to achieve our goals. The individual does not exist without the collective.
The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women or International Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence is commemorated annually on November 25 to denounce the violence that is exercised on people, being discriminated against because of their gender (mostly violence exercised by men against women) around the world and to demand policies in all countries for its eradication.  We are going to work to counteract this aspect from LOVE, showing what we love to others will help us to build healthy and secure relationships.
The comfort zone in terms of psychology is a mental zone where there is no sense of risk. The comfort zone is a state/place where psychologists recommend to be in order to control stressful or disorienting situations.Getting out of the comfort zone implies making difficult decisions, it means that you have to do something you are not comfortable with, with the purpose of leaving your routine and overcoming your fears. Learning how to get out of the comfort zone and making the decision to do it produces fear, anxiety, doubts, fears? But it can also help you grow enormously.

Values blog

We believe in an education that prepares for a world in constant change, in which our students acquire the ability to learn to learn and know how to respond to the challenges of our time.  We offer an education in values and emphasize freedom, responsibility and critical thinking. Also justice and solidarity, peace and coexistence and of course, interiority.
A building of great architectural quality built in 1927 that has large courtyards as well as a large sports center of 3,000 square meters with indoor courts and all the needs for the personal growth of our students.

Educate in values

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