junio 8, 2024

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Red queen juan gomez-jurado

History podcast that as a relaxed chat show, without the slightest intention of sitting down or strutting, aims to have a good time telling historical events and geopolitical current affairs.
La Órbita de Endores a veteran podcast (2011) directed and presented by Antonio Runa, which addresses issues of popular culture, touching mainly the genres of science fiction and fantasy, in all media in which it can be found, such as comics, literature, video games. Coffe Break, movies and series, anime and manga.
Cebollas Verdes a guest tells us what his favorite movie is, why it is so special to him and how it has influenced him in his way of facing his work.La Libreta de Van GaalThe journalist Miguel Gutierrez created in 2004 the blog
La Libreta de Van Gaal, a critical space in which with irony, sarcasm and very good judgment he reviewed in an original way the sports press and its excesses. Since 2016 the project has gone a step further with its own podcast.Hotel Jorge JuanEn

The tipping pointbook by juan gómez-jurado

Arturo Gonzalez-Campos is one of the most geeky members of Todopoderosos, the geek culture podcast par excellence. Over the decades, between comics and movies, Marvel has created an infinite universe that this pretentious book tries to cover uselessly, like Thanos snapping his fingers without his gems. But if you want to have a good time, find out some things you may not have known and see these movies with new eyes, if you want to know some of those comics that have cemented these stories, if you want to understand a little more this phenomenon that has been called Marvel Cinematic Universe. If this is your spirit? buy the book at once, the bookseller is going to tell you off for browsing for so long!
TODOPODEROSOS return to tell us about Harry Potter with their usual dose of geeky knowledge and great sense of humor.nobody gave a dime for Harry, that gafotas with a geeky soul who lived under a staircase of Private Drive. No one could have guessed that his stories would dazzle a whole generation and that his magic, beyond talking to snakes and making an Expecto Patronum, would achieve the miracle that millions of teenagers would come to read and queue up at the doors of bookstores. The next TODOPODEROS book will try to break through the scar of Harry Potter and penetrate the mind of J. K. Rowling. We will talk about the movies. About the books. About her philosophy… Welcome to Hogwarts if you believe in magic. Muggles refrain.

Juan gomez jurado podcast del momento

In the seventh program of TODOPODEROS we psychoanalyze Woody Allen, study his demons and take them home wrapped in celluloid. We see life in black and white, become fans of Bogart, jazz, musicals, hire the best dressmakers, dazzle the audience with old magic tricks, eat in a bistro with lawyers, prostitutes and opticians, flee from the tabloids, play the clarinet and stroll -speaking of Mahler- through the ochre streets of the Village. We see Diane Keaton from afar, Mia Farrow up close, Scarlett Johanson anyway…. And we don’t approach any of them, because we’re chicken. And we don’t plan to change. Because we need the eggs. How many? You’ll find out right away if you listen to this podcast.

The black wolf juan gómez-jurado

In the talk with Arturo González-Campos, which you can read and listen to here, I already mentioned the name of our next guests. They work in Madrid. They are a sound studio, they are professional radio and audio technicians and their names are Eva Lopez and Jorge Maldonado. I’m getting a radio milestone and I’m starting …
In the first talks we have had here about podcasting there have been several recurring themes. Several themes that have been repeated. One of them is the conception of the podcast as an amateur format or not. Juan Ignacio Solera, the CEO of iVoox, referred to this concept in his definition of podcasting, to amateurism. …
Grupo PRISA has shaken up the podcaster world this week by announcing the upcoming launch of Podium Podcast, its own podcast network. Reactions have not been long in coming from some critical voices.