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Marcos mundstock les luthiers

Jorge maronna

«Besides, my father loved to tell jokes, Jewish humor and self-irony were cultivated at home. When we settled in Buenos Aires, there were already two Yiddish theaters and few cities had so much cultural vitality. It was similar to New York. And sometimes, when we are told that we have some of Woody Allen’s humor, I think that we grew up in a similar world».
We will have so many things left of Marcos, that even in the midst of the sadness and pain we are experiencing, we can’t help but thank life, and feel privileged to have traveled with him all this stretch of the road.»

Jorge maronnaargentine multi-instrumentalist

Mundstock was the son of Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Rava-Ruska, a city in the Galitzia region of Eastern Europe, now part of Ukraine. The city was part of Poland after World War I, so Mundstock’s parents emigrated to Argentina on Polish passports.[2] In Mar del Plata, on 8 November 1944, Mundstock’s parents were born in Argentina.
In Mar del Plata, on February 8, 1971, in the middle of an argument after performing in a show where they worked together, he was assaulted by Nacha Guevara who threw a glass vase in his face causing a cut for which he had to have several stitches. Guevara was sentenced to two months imprisonment, a sentence that was suspended due to lack of previous convictions.[5] The sentence was suspended.

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Marcos Mundstock (25 de mayo de 1942 – 22 de abril de 2020) fue un músico, escritor, humorista, locutor y redactor publicitario argentino. Tenía la doble nacionalidad argentina y española, habiendo obtenido esta última en 2012[1].
Nacido en Santa Fe, Argentina, fue más conocido como miembro fundador de Les Luthiers,[2] su animador, y como escritor de muchos de sus espectáculos y letras. También inventó uno de sus instrumentos más famosos, el gom-horn (una parodia de la trompeta) y ocasionalmente tocaba los teclados y la percusión para sus números. En su mayoría, su papel era el de miembro «no músico», a pesar de haber cantado para sus piezas (en su mayoría operísticas) con cierta frecuencia.
A principios de 2020, se anunció que, debido a problemas de salud, Mundstock no formaría parte de Les Luthiers durante ese año. Falleció el 22 de abril de 2020, en Buenos Aires, debido a un tumor cerebral diagnosticado en 2019[3][4].

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There was no lack of interviews where they were asked what was the recipe for Les Luthiers’ success. Mundstock answered on one occasion: «Looking back, I could say that we made a humor abstract enough and without localisms so that it has no expiration date. I’m going to be immodest. I think we invented a style. Without being something out of this world, we don’t look like anybody else. Jokes with concepts, playing with words, that’s our originality. Something effective to make two thousand people laugh in a theater with the absurd story, for example, of a guy who falls asleep at a semiologist’s lecture».
-Your relationship with art has been quite interrupted. You have said that you have «abandoned it and then relapsed» in it because after a while you run out of ideas. In addition to that, you have said you have little affection for art. How have those pauses been intervening or affecting your work?
The works have a start date, but no end date. Everything is in process. They live with me, in the sense that life passes over them in the same way it passes over me. Some die, others deteriorate, shine differently, others change (…). Those works are my memory, and my memory is all I have in life.