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Pablo d’Ors was born in Madrid, in 1963, into a family of artists and was formed in a German cultural environment. He is the grandson of the essayist and art critic Eugenio d’Ors, the son of a philologist and a medical draftsman, and a disciple of the monk and theologian Elmar Salmann.
The eternal and raging struggle between the head and the heart, between passions and intelligence. The story of a high school teacher, obsessive and refined, who explores his own hell until he encounters the cruelty of childhood and the perversion of adolescence. The odyssey of a character, whose name will never be known, who tries to bring order to his passions, rebelling against them and recounting them until he builds a system.
This meticulous and caustic investigation develops on the border of madness, in the return to the paradise of primordial sensations and in the splitting of the personality, one of the great themes raised by this work.
“Despite its brevity, this novel leaves open several interpretative paths that rise before the reader, like so many other intellectual incitements, and reject any temptation to maintain a passive attitude before a text so elusive and rich in suggestions, sustained by a diaphanous prose.”  (Ricardo Senabre, El Cultural)

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Pablo d’Ors intervened in the presentation of the book Peregrina , by Mardía Herrero , in an act that also counted with Jaime Buhigas, on July 25, 2020. In it, about the book, he establishes on what the relationship between literature and spirituality is based, according to him. The Youtube channel “Psychology and spirituality” picked up this moment. [+]
Mardía Herrero, who has just published his new book Peregrina (2020), presented it with the writers Jaime Buhigas and Pablo d’Ors next Saturday, July 25, feast of Santiago Apostle, at 19:30h, at Espacio Ronda (Ronda de Segovia, 50, Madrid), presented by Rafa Millán. The event was open with previous registration and was broadcasted by internet from the Youtube channel “Psicología y espiritualidad”. [+]

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D’Ors argues that material goods have given us a fictitious security that has hardened our hearts. “Sometimes we live so far beneath ourselves that we stink,” says this meditator, who encourages us to flee from convention so as not to put our uniqueness at risk and to reencounter our deepest selves. “The ego is always afraid of being displaced by the true self,” he says.
Sitting, breathing, quieting our thoughts, remaining in silence with ourselves, returning to the center, returning home… Meditating to defeat our ego and rediscover our deepest self, our essence, meditating to die and be reborn?
It is not a question of doing strange things: crossing our legs in an uncomfortable posture, joining our index finger and thumb, lighting incense sticks… All these are rituals that can help, but they can also distract us from the essential. The most important thing is to dare to be without doing anything in particular. Because we identify ourselves with what we do and, when we cannot do it, we enter into crisis, as it could not be otherwise. But we are much more than what we do. The school of being is learning not to do.

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But meditating is neither easy nor free of difficulties. “To persevere in anything, in a relationship, with a novel, to keep going is more difficult than to start. That’s why for me to keep going is to always start.” Meditation “is quite a painful and quite a wonderful process. The two things go together. The most radical thing is that meditation undermines your identifications. You identify yourself, for example in my case, with the role of priest or writer and that dynamites it. Practically everything is circumstantial and anecdotal, the important thing is that we are, that we are alive”.

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