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Estudió en la Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, en Barcelona, donde se formó como pianista y saxofonista y se licenció en jazz vocal. Mientras estaba en la Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, fundó con otras tres mujeres un grupo de flamenco llamado Las Migas. Combinaron sus diferentes enfoques musicales para crear un nuevo tipo de flamenco. No tardó en hacerse conocida en el panorama musical español[2][3][4][5].
Cruz declaró a NPR que una canción debe tener una historia. Cree que su visión de las canciones como historias viene de su madre, que era cantante y narradora. Su madre, dijo, también veía las canciones como historias[2].

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-We studied at the same school, we shared friends and we had crossed paths in very surreal places like Central Park in New York. One day he told me that he would love to play with me, and after a somewhat intense project I called him and proposed a concert. Now we know each other very well, there is a lot of respect and admiration, I feel like family with him.
-It has been hard for me to realize that I am very respected by the media and by the artists themselves. I don’t think it can hurt me because I’m very self-demanding in the sense of being brave if it’s necessary to change.
-I feel as if all the lyrics speak of the same thing, of life and death, of love and pain, of joy and tears. I remember that once a woman told me ‘who has told you my sorrows that you have sung them’; and I told her that sorrow belongs to everyone.
-At the time I was worried about finding my own format in social networks, something I felt comfortable with. I asked what they were about, to understand the monster and feel that I wouldn’t be too exposed. The truth is that during the confinement I felt very good, it was a very transparent time in the networks, nobody bragged about having gone here or there.

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nominated for the Goya for best new actress. She won the award for best song, as she did in 2012 with Blancanieves. Now, she presents Farsa, an album that arrives six months late. In summer, she returned to the stage with pianist Marcos Mezquida. But the return has been bittersweet. Although her tone conveys calm at a time of fear and uncertainty, she does not hide the feeling of grievance that invades those who, like her, live from culture.
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In theater she was, among others, in the shows Los Galancitos and Los Días Felices, as well as in several comedies in the summer seasons from 1981 to 1988, such as El Negro no Puede (with Alberto Olmedo).
Silvia has been identified as one of the «Chicas de Olmedo», a nickname given to the actresses and vedettes who were working with comedian Alberto Olmedo at the time of his tragic death, such as Susana Romero, Beatriz Salomón, Divina Gloria and Adriana Brodsky. But after Alberto Olmedo’s death, Silvia has had an extensive artistic career, participating in numerous television, theatrical and film productions.
Silvia Pérez has only one daughter, Julieta Bal, the result of her relationship with Santiago Bal. After some events that marked her life, she had a strong spiritual conversion, being a faithful follower of Sai Baba, and having traveled 13 times to India[1].