abril 8, 2024

The age of stupid


Synopsis: The world is devastated in 2055 due to a climate crisis that could not be stopped at the right time. At some point we had the opportunity to do something, but it was not done. An archivist is one who asks that question when it is unfortunately too late.
The Age of Stupid is a fictional documentary that invites us to reflect on what life will be like when we have exhausted the Earth’s resources and failed, even though we could have, to stop climate change.

Man on wire

We all knew and know what is coming, but no one is willing to change one iota their current wasteful life, based on the squandering of fossil fuels. Bankers and big businessmen least of all. We run in circles on the beach while we watch unconcerned as a gigantic tsunami advances relentlessly towards us.
The film, too catastrophist but loaded with reality, has been released this week in 40 countries, including ours. The premiere coincided with the world climate summit held this week in New York, with a view to the signing in December in Copenhagen of a protocol to continue the current Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012, on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. But don’t get your hopes up either. Time and ambition are working against us, so don’t get your hopes up.

An inconveni… truth

In this world economic crash, whose expansive wave does not end and whose uncertainty remains for almost a decade, the corrupt private deregulated market that originated it, put (only) the hand for the State to solve its crisis, being forced to socialize the losses, rescuing it with taxpayers’ money, and, at the same time, the profits are privatized for the benefit of those who originated the economic-social debacle: the deregulated market of the big corrupt systemic companies.
Chile, the country where neoliberalism was born manu militari in the civil-military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, is a clear example of this: the richest 1% takes 57% of the country’s total profits, while the 99% keeps 43%.
The unmasking of neoliberalism with the cynical «solution» to the economic crisis has created a before and after that, together with the systemic inequality -the identity mark of neoliberalism- and the political corruption financed by the financial conglomerates, has provoked, in essence, the tsunami of populism against the establishment throughout the Western world. And so here we are, with the world’s leading power, the U.S.A., ruled by a populist scapegoat: a veritable atomic bomb over the world’s head. The question is: why has neoliberalism ended up discrediting the liberal democratic state, infecting the political establishment and creating a systemic institutional crisis?

The devil commands

I firmly believe that if a teenager has even remotely thought about having children, it’s so he can put together a rock band. For that, you would have to procreate three or four times, and finally the band would be complete, a band with no one to fuck with, no one to file lawsuits. As a family, the band does not break up for «irreconcilable reasons».
We can’t forget the great fraternal alliances such as Van Halen, AC/DC, Radiohead and, why not, The Beach Boys and The BeeGee’s. But that’s not the case with the family band in The Maderfakers (Kike Gorena). They are horrible people. Seriously.
The relief comes not because I validated myself by seeing the level of idiocy of the other, but because it made me understand once and for all that global stupidity exists. A world where you have to explain to your fellow man that racism is wrong, where anyone gets a degree because he knows how to write his name and doesn’t choke when he breathes, and where maderfakers exist in all their levels and categories.
Luigi (the vocalist of the family), is a youtuber of few views and few likes who performs homemade versions of Jackass that eventually end up bad but for poorly done. However, after all, what is more interesting? Watching the tutorial on how to flat iron your hair or the girl who burns her hair with the iron and starts crying and screaming because of the accident? Clearly, the second video has more views, because stupidity attracts and stupidity sells.