junio 8, 2024

Pintalabios color fix mercadona

New color fix lipsticks deliplus mercadona, super novelty

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New, fixed and cheap lipstick lips: color fix

05. I’m not very good at defining colors, but I would say that 05 is a maroon `- wine. The natural light photo is not very true to the actual color as there was a lot of brightness, it is actually darker and more intense than it looks in the photo above.
As points in favor of the Color Fix I would highlight (in this order): its durability, matte finish, economic price and ease to find them. In addition, they are comfortable to wear and do not dry out the lips.  They also have a pleasant smell, like vanilla or chocolate…
The duration of the three lipsticks that I have is very good, they last for hours. I don’t mean that they stay intact all the time, but we can eat, drink and 3 or 4 hours later the lips still have color. The Color Fix 05 and 07 last longer than the 01.
What I like the least is that they are a bit dry and do not cover very evenly. In the case of 01 it’s not so noticeable because the shade blends more with the lip but with 05 and 07 it’s more difficult to get a uniform finish and if I don’t go over it well it’s a bit «patchy».

Mercadona novelties colorfix 7 and 8 lipsticks

What’s up? As you already know, Mercadona has launched five Color Fix lipsticks and they have been a huge success, I didn’t want to buy any of them but in the end it was inevitable… I fell for the shade 02, a beautiful powdery pink, very similar to my natural lip color but more pink… I fell in love xD Look at it:
This lipstick to me lasts almost all day even after eating and drinking, it is quite fixed and does not dry my lips. Well, if I have too dry lips that day it does mark a little, so it’s better to exfoliate and moisturize well the lips before using any lipstick fixed or long-lasting, so that the finish is perfect!

Color fix deliplus – review, opinions, swatches

They are quite cheap, their price is 3,50 €. But as I don’t like to throw money away, I was foresighted and before getting the 2 shades that I apparently liked, I preferred to take only 1 and in case I liked the texture, smell, duration, etc. I would take the other one.
It works great, it takes a few seconds to dry so you can correct it quickly if you go out of the lip, etc. Just make sure your lips are completely exfoliated and moisturized or you’ll have small peels.
First, because it doesn’t last at all like they said it would, at least not to me. I kept reading that it lasted for hours and hours and it does not. Its duration is medium / low, and as you drink or eat if you forget the lipstick. The good thing is that it does not go on in patches, but in a gradient from the inside out.
In short, for the price it is not bad, we can not ask for pears to the elm, but after the countless posts I read talking wonders of these lipsticks I expected almost almost the best lipstick in the world hahahaha.