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La roda de albacete

La roda de albacete del momento

Although it has not been possible to determine precisely since when the lands that currently make up the municipality of La Roda have been inhabited, due to the fact that historically it has been a place of passage, Celtiberian and Roman remains have been found within it.
The chemical industry has an important role, as there are several factories dedicated to the production of paints. Its presence is explained by the existence in the municipality of deposits of “white earth”, raw material used in the manufacture of temples and other types of coatings.
The old town of La Roda was declared a historic-artistic site on May 17, 1973. The town preserves in its old part, within an environmental framework of streets and squares of marked typicality and emblazoned houses, an outstanding historical and artistic richness.
It is one of the Ways of St. James that crosses the province of Albacete. It is the so-called Camino de Santiago de Levante. This road joins the city of Valencia with the city of Zamora, where it joins the Ruta Jacobea de la Plata, and runs through the province of Albacete from Almansa to Minaya, also passing through the municipalities of Higueruela, Hoya-Gonzalo, Chinchilla de Monte-Aragón, Albacete, La Gineta and La Roda.

Roda de ter

Cerca de la iglesia se encuentra el Palacio del Doctor de la Encina, con el escudo de armas en la entrada. Merece la pena que el visitante admire el maravilloso patio porticado con columnas toscanas que sostienen el techo de madera. El palacio perteneció al Doctor Ferdidnad de la Encina, canónigo de la Catedral de Cuenca y adelantado a su tiempo, ya que era un gran conocedor del arte y la cultura.    A pocos metros de la iglesia tenemos también el Palacio de los Condes de Aldea, declarado Bien de Interés Cultural en 1989. En él podemos destacar la puerta de entrada rococó y la cúpula decorada con diversos azulejos.

Miguelitos de la roda

The origin of the name of the town comes from its function as a place of passage of the Roman road that linked Complutum with Carthagonova, and continued with the silk route that linked Toledo with Valencia and Cartagena. The name is a derivation of the Arabic word “rotba”, a tax paid for the passage of livestock.
Near the former we find the Palace of Doctor de La Encina with the coat of arms on the front. Inside we find a beautiful arcaded courtyard with Tuscan columns supported by a wooden ceiling. The palace belonged to Doctor Fernando de la Encina, canon of the cathedral of Cuenca.
Going down Junco Street we reach the Antonio Martínez Municipal Museum, located in the basement of the Casa de la Cultura, since 1998 houses much of the legacy of Don Antonio Martinez, and that brings us closer to the history of the town.
After recharging our batteries in front we have the Posada del Sol, a former Parador that belonged to the Countess of Villaleal who received it by inheritance from her father, José de Arce y Valdés. It is considered the most beautiful inn in La Mancha.

La roda de andalucíamunicipality in spain

La Roda is a La Mancha town in the province of Albacete, located in an important industrial enclave, given its strategic location, by road it is a communications hub between the Meseta and the Levante.
As a result of its long history, the town preserves a great historical heritage, with its old town declared a historic-artistic site. Of great interest are the typical squares and emblazoned houses. Its Church of El Salvador stands out for being one of the few columned churches in the province.
It also highlights its carnival, which is declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest, which enjoys great fame and participation. It is also worth visiting the Cervantino Center (with more than 5,000 Quixotes) and at Christmas the Living Nativity Scene.

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