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Canciones para bodas romanticas

Canciones para bodas romanticas

Entrance music for catholic weddings

The magic and charm of our Colombian singers could not be missing. From Fonseca, through Vives to Shakira, you will find songs that speak of this feeling and what it awakens in each of us, making us vibrate with each melody and syllable intoned.
The singers and songwriters of the world never cease to give us songs with wonderful lyrics to move the love of your life. Here we select some hits in English with messages to give goosebumps to your partner.

Wedding dance songs

So if you have been hesitating a bit, today we bring you some excellent options in your language, which will surely solve your dilemma of the perfect wedding dance song! Also, we show you a snippet of the lyrics, so you can get an idea of how beautiful they are! savePhoto: Mauro Erazo – Roble Morado Films
This song is perfect for lovers of Marc Anthony’s poetry; besides, it is the best way to remember that they got married because their love is the best thing they have in their lives, because their love gives them infinite joys. Check out these songs for the bride’s entrance to the church, different from the wedding march.
This song, which also has a beautiful video, will delight those who want to say their wedding vows while dancing. The lyrics are beautiful, and also with the Cali y el Dandee’s fragment, they could make a little more elaborate choreography thanks to its rhythmic changes.
The bride and groom who feel like doing an original dance to the best rhythm of tropical rhythms, will love the idea of making this song their first dance as spouses. Besides, its lyrics are clearly great, because it tells the story of the relationship of two love lovers who want to love each other all their lives. For gay weddings it is perfect, as it contains an inclusive message that being two is the most important thing to be a happy couple.

Wedding songs in spanish 2021

There are wedding rituals that never go out of style and continue to be performed no matter how many decades go by. The first dance as newlyweds is one of them, and it is characterized by being a romantic and intimate moment between the two lovers. For that reason, the song they choose for that moment is fundamental. To help you in your choice, we leave you with 100 songs that speak to love.
The artists who sing in English also have a great collection of songs that melt with love even the most hardened. Therefore, it can also be an option to contemplate in your first waltz.
If you can not stay with only one song (because they are all beautiful!) you can put together a combination for the first dance, which will thrill not only you, but everyone who came to share and celebrate your love.

Mexican wedding songs

It is one of those songs that pinch you and invite you to take the first jump. It has a first minute to dance to it slowly and glued, from there, it gives a perfect 180º turn to let your partner go and look for friends to start vibrating. We saw them at a wedding and the bride and groom went wild!
The soundtrack of this movie was chosen for the choreography of Luis and Maria Jose. We made a video of them dancing to this song before the wedding, then we projected it on their wedding dance at the same time they were dancing to it. Cool, isn’t it?
We thought we had seen it all until we got to Miguel and Alba’s wedding. Minutes before the dance began, they disappeared, where were they? changing their clothes, to the surprise of all the guests and to our surprise, they arrived with outfits similar to those of the couple in the movie and choreographed to perfection, including jumping!
This is a big deal. It is not easy to dance a tango, but the bride and groom at a wedding we attended did it beautifully. The bride changed her dress and pressed play to this song by Carlos Gardel, spectacular!