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Di que si pelicula española

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Víctor Martínez (Santi Millán) es un hombre tímido de 36 años que trabaja como acomodador en un cine. Sigue viviendo con su madre (Chus Lampreave). Por un error, acaba en un reality show con Estrella Cuevas (Paz Vega), una aspirante a actriz. Ganan el concurso y son enviados a pasar una temporada juntos en un hotel de lujo en Oropesa del Mar. Según su contrato, tienen que casarse y no divorciarse durante al menos tres años, de lo contrario el contrato se anula y tienen que devolver los 253.000 euros que han ganado. Víctor acaba enamorándose de Estrella.

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‘Just Say Yes’ review on NetflixRomantic comedies can be scorned and dismissed, but there are many things that make them easy to watch, funny or memorable. Just Say Yes is an excellent example of a haphazard attempt to throw together successful ingredients from other movies and hope they hold up and make something halfway decent. Unfortunately (and predictably), this is not the case. Romantic comedies need heart to work, and there’s not much heart in Just Say Yes at all. It jumps from a desperate romantic movie learning a lesson to a makeover movie, to a family drama, to a workplace romance and much more over the course of its 90-minute running time. Overall, the cast is pretty forgettable, though Jim Bakkum is undeniably charming as Chris: he has the kind of energy essential to a romantic comedy. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to save this mess of a movie, which is certainly watchable, but so devoid of heart and conviction that it’s impossible to really be into it.

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Skip to main contentSolo di que sí is one of the most watched movies in Mexico through the streaming platform. Directed by Appie Boudellah and Aram van de Rest, it portrays the agony of a bride who is jilted at the altar by a seemingly charming groom; however, fate plays a dose of superior crisis when her self-centered sister decides to get married soon after. Lotte (Yolanthe Cabau) must pull herself together and say yes to the next love story, even though it doesn’t belong to her.  Yolanthe Cabau (Lotte) in ‘Just Say Yes’.

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Lotte is an incurable romantic who gets jilted at the altar: the love of her life has ended up being a bit of a «dick», but there is a new guy on the staff who seems to have a good heart, although at first the thing doesn’t seem to work… but I don’t know what gives us that the heart has reasons that the mind doesn’t understand.
There are universal rules and they are fulfilled in almost the same way in the newtroniamna physics or in the quantum physics… so that we understand each other and with the pertinent irony: it could be said that in the world of quantum physics, theoretically it could exist (maybe) a romantic comedy that is well. There are laboratory experiments in which it has been proven that it can be, and (like the Higgs Boson) it has been demonstrated in things like Something About Mary. Well Cameron Diaz has retired from the scene and, time and time again, it proves that in real life, in the cinematic physics we all know, there seem to be no romantic comedies with anything decent in them: Say Yes seems to bring us back again to the apple exploding in our heads with its caramel drops second only to a Candy Crush marathon.