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Helen lindes rudy fernandez

helen lindes y la pequeña aura, las mejores fans de rudy

Foto de archivo – Helen Lindes y Rudy Fernández asisten al partido de la tercera eliminatoria de la Liga Endesa entre el Real Madrid y el Andorra en el Barclaycard Center de Madrid, España. Con la participación de: Rudy Fernández Dónde: MADRID, España Cuando: 28 de mayo de 2017 Crédito: Oscar González/WENN.com
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helen lindes’ wish on her fifth anniversary

Helen Lindes has returned to feel the heat of the spotlight by putting herself again in a photocall. She does it to support the anniversary of a well-known magazine, in which the model has faced the questions of reporters. She has done it with special kindness, talking about the most intimate details of her life with her husband, the basketball player Rudy Fernandez. But if anything has caught the attention of the interview of the Canary Islander mannequin is how she sees her children, Alan and Aura, whose personality is gradually taking shape, showing a very diverse character between the two.

he burst tiktok once again with this dance with helen lindes.

The couple has shared the good news through their social networks with this tender image where we can see the couple’s hands joined with that of their firstborn. Next to it, the model has written a tender message: “Welcome Alan!!! Thank you for making us feel like the luckiest parents in the world… December 22nd will always be a very special day!!! We are completely in love with you…. @rudy5fernandez #Alanyaestaaqui #happy #happy #family #Christmas”.
Helen Lindes and Rudy Fernandez have lived during these months a sweet wait in which they could not be more excited to be able to form a family and see the face of their first child. Both decided the name some time ago and had everything ready for his arrival, just at Christmas, a very special date.
The couple announced the good news last summer through their networks with a picture of both and the following message: “About to celebrate our first wedding anniversary we want to share the great news that we are going to be parents!!!! Finally we can confirm it. Thanks to all of you who had congratulated us but we wanted to wait a little longer to get through the first months which are the most delicate. We are very happy!!!”.

how did rudy fernández and helen lindes meet?

The couple starts their well-deserved vacation after some time apart. Below, we tell you this and other celebrity stories. From Elena Galera’s message to Messi’s wife to Luis Rollán’s spectacular pose with Sofía Cristo, what do celebrities share on social networks, what is their day-to-day life like, how many ‘likes’ do their posts get? If you want to know everything that the ‘celebrities’, national and international, share daily on their social networking profiles, keep reading and do not miss anything!
Elena Galera’s message to Antonella. “Amiga no sabes la falta que me vas vas hacer pero la distancia no será un obstáculo para nosotras Os queremos mucho familia❤️Nuestros mejores deseos para vosotros en esta nueva etapa”.
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