diciembre 5, 2023

Lourdes montes vestido novia

Carlota rivera’s baptism from the inside

I don’t know what your opinion will be, but I don’t like the bride’s dress at all. I find it bland, insipid, not very stylish. I would even say that it is a bit tacky. Take a look at it and see what you think.
As for the groom, much more elegant in his civil wedding than in the religious one. The tie he chose last Saturday did not suit him at all. I would say that it even went unnoticed. Luckily he made his entrance into the church with his daughter and godmother, with a spectacular red dress and an even more spectacular hairstyle and accessories:

Makoke, a ‘happy’ grandmother at her wedding in málaga

The daughter of the Marquis of Falcó and Isabel Preysler looked very pretty in a Loewe dress and took the opportunity to settle the controversy over the alleged non-attendance of Mario Vargas Llosa at the wedding of her sister, Ana Boyer.  Very categorical, Tamara said that «it is a lie and that if there are no photos of them together is because even she hardly coincides with Ana». About her absence in the celebration of her father’s wedding, the young woman has preferred not to make statements but says that «she has a good relationship with Esther».
The actress was very pretty in a gold dress with rhinestones and long sleeves. However, she did not want to comment on the alleged relationship she had with David Bisbal that Chenoa talks about in her book ‘Perfect Defects’.
Juana Acosta has recently been working with Paula Echevarría of whom she says «she has a very special personal moment, but I think she is doing very well. She is a very positive and cheerful woman».
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Looks de boda con priscila betancort | elle españa

Di Sí al Vestido: Para celebrar la nueva temporada, la directora de moda de Bridals by Lori Monte Durham habló con Good Housekeeping sobre lo que los fans pueden esperar ver. Mientras hablaba con Monte, también nos enteramos de algunos datos interesantes sobre lo que ocurre entre bastidores cuando se graba el icónico programa de novias. Aquí hay algunos datos fascinantes sobre SYTTDA que incluso los fans más acérrimos probablemente no saben (además de algunos spoilers de la temporada 11):Aparecer en Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta no es fácil, pero podrías ser seleccionada.
Tanto si has sido seleccionada para aparecer en Say Yes to the Dress: Lo bonito de comprar en [Bridals by Lori] es que con una sola llamada telefónica se soluciona todo si compras allí el vestido, los accesorios y el velo». Hablando de Lori, Monte dice: «Ella es muy abierta a todo. No le importa. Es genial. Nos conocemos desde hace 19 años y somos las mejores amigas y sus nietas son mis ahijadas. Somos familia».

The flamenco dress

Lourdes and Sibi Montes, as well as other well-known faces, did not want to miss We Love Fashion, one of the catwalks with the widest flamenco inspiration and with greater international projection, held in the traditional Royal Hall of the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville. The sisters, who remained very attentive to the parades, dazzled this Wednesday by their perfect stylistic bet, which serve as inspiration when dressing for a black tie event. Undoubtedly, some looks that have not gone unnoticed and are ideal for attending, for example, as a guest at a civil wedding.
For her part, Sibi Montes opted for a pair of black bell-bottom pants – in tune with the shoes that were barely visible – and a sober black and white jacket with a flattering boat neck. The sisters, on the other hand, coincided in their choice of accessories and hairstyle. For the occasion, both wore simple and delicate jewelry and their hair down. Undoubtedly, two stylistic bets easy to copy and with which you will surprise more than one.