octubre 14, 2021

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“We had in mind to make a romantic comedy, but very, very hooligan, and, at some points, we liked to go out of our minds and not to put a limit to humor, to see how far it would go”, explained Javier Ruiz Caldera about the objective of ‘3 bodas de más’, which has a script by Breixo Corral and Pablo Alen. And the expectations are unbeatable.
“Ruth (her character in ‘3 bodas de más’) is an intelligent woman, capable of achieving many things but she doesn’t trust, she doesn’t believe in herself. This insecurity makes her wander around the world without knowing where she is going. She goes through a process that I think happens to many people”. Inma Cuesta, from this Thursday in theaters, will tell us her version to face the challenge of attending the weddings of three ex-partners and fill a lonely heart. She has well learned the decalogue of what to do. Or not?

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“I am an alcalaíno by race, alcalaíno on all four sides. I have in my house a tradition of love and services rendered to this town, of which I am proud as of a splendid bond. I have learned in the pages of a book, written by hands that for me were holy, how much magnificence is contained in the history of this city.”
“I believe that you have today on your banks the two named and famous shepherds Tirsi and Damon, natives of my homeland; at least Tirsi, who was born in the famous Compluto, a town founded on the banks of our Henares.”
“Alcalá is the continuation of the old Compluto and the very old Iplacea. On the slopes of the hill of the Vera Cruz, and reflecting in the waters of the Henares, stood the castle, which this means Alcalá in the language of the Moors.”
“One does not see Alcalá, like our towns, gathered in the lap of green mountains, under a brown sky, but lying in the sun in the infinite field, drawing in the blue the silhouettes of the towers of its convents.”

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