octubre 16, 2021

Colegio concertado san agustín

st. augustine school

The application forms will be available at the reception of the school.you can download them here.All applications for admission must be submitted to the secretary’s office from 11:00h to 13:30h, from Tuesday 2 to Friday 26 March by appointment.tel: 954 514 166Telematic submission (Virtual Secretariat of the Andalusian Government): link.Normativa:
Our Center is located in the Sevillian neighborhood of Sta. Clara which, administratively, is part of the Municipal District of Nervión-San Pablo. This neighborhood, initially of residential character, had its origins in the U.S. military personnel who attended the air base of Morón de la Frontera.the school, being located in a landscaped neighborhood, enjoys this characteristic in a very wide way. It has two buildings separated from each other, with only one floor, a quality that makes it very functional and practical.

colegio san agustín madrid

Last May 31, in the Auditorium of the Caja Rural de Granada, took place a new edition of the “Gala of the Destacando Granada Awards” for students of primary, secondary and high school in the province of Granada. These awards are given in categories such as: studies, artistic expression, solidarity, environment, self-improvement, sports, innovation, etc. In this new edition, along with students from other schools, some of our students received a well-deserved recognition:
We have celebrated in full color the International Museum Day with our infant students, with a workshop developed by Judith Marín, in which we have continued exploring, within our project “THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD” the techniques developed by the Pop art artist.
Congratulations to our 2nd grade group and to the 6th grade student, Manar El Khattab Moustarih, who have obtained the 2nd prize in the modality of English and Spanish language, in their respective categories.

st. alphonsus school

On the registration form you must write down the activity/s in which you are interested in enrolling your son/daughter/s in order of priority. The criteria to be included in one or another activity will be:
The entrance of all students to the center will be through the main door, unlike last year where infants entered through the main door and primary was entering through the school garage.
This year the situation is more favorable, but not enough to travel. Therefore, in the absence of a trip, the 6th grade students of this year are enjoying these days a camping trip at La Maresía Camp (El Sauzal).
After finishing the exhibition, workshops were held on Canarian wrestling, stick games, Canarian ball, popular games, shepherd’s jump and intelligence games. The 6th grade students took the leading role in these workshops, becoming the monitors of the different stations: in two shifts, first Infant and then Primary, all the groups went through them, having fun and learning with the monitors’ explanations.

colegio san agustín los negrales

El Puerto de Motril-Granada o simplemente, el puerto de Motril, es un puerto de pasajeros y de carga en Motril, España. El Puerto de Motril está situado a 3 km al sur del Colegio Concertado ‘San Agustín’. Foto: Lord SKY, CC BY-SA 2.0.
La playa Maruja García, comúnmente llamada Playa Maruja, está situada en los municipios españoles de Motril y Torrenueva Costa, en la provincia de Granada, comunidad autónoma de Andalucía. La Playa Maruja García está situada a 4 km al sureste del Colegio Concertado ‘San Agustín’.
Torrenueva Costa es un municipio español de nueva creación en la provincia de Granada y en la comunidad autónoma Andalucía. Torrenueva Costa se encuentra a 6 km al sureste del Colegio Concertado ‘San Agustín’. Foto: Jjmerelo, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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