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As soon as I received the pack of the new Salon Hits Benefits from Revlon, the first thing I did was to gather my neighbors, friends and acquaintances to distribute a small sample bottle to each of them and I kept the larger bottle to be able to talk more in depth about it.
I have tested it without blow dryer and with blow dryer to check the results and after 15 days of using Salon Hits 11 Benefits by Revlon I am more than satisfied, because my hair is being repaired, it is more hydrated, the curls are more defined and stay that way all day long, and also if I have a hurry and I must go out urgently, I apply the product dry and if the curls were a little undone, they have a perfect appearance again, so I approve this product with a very good grade.

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The kit we received from Salon Hits 11 Benefits consisted, apart from the information and questionnaires to fill in, of a Salon Hits 11 Benefits spray treatment in retail format and 40 samples of 9 ml each to promote the product among our family and friends.
1. Repair and nourishment of the hair. 2. Adding shine.3. Anti-frizz.4. Thermal protection.5. Softness and silkiness.6. Color protection with UVA and UVB filters.7. Facilitates combing.8. Detangling effect. 9. Maintenance of hairstyle shape. Prevention of split ends.11. Adding body and volume to hair.12.
I know of several people who are already delighted with this product and who have asked me for several small bottles to repeat its use during the summer, so yes, it is a product that works and that they like. I have liked it for a long time, and now it has really won me over.

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– I’m not convinced to use it in dry hair… it’s just me… but I don’t like the smell that it leaves… I don’t mean that the product smells bad, no… I just don’t like it on my dry hair…. I notice the effects more when wet.
– Another thing that I love is that whenever I use this product, when I blow dry, my hair dries faster, which is a very positive point since I usually take forever to dry my hair.
– In my hair I don’t notice the body and volume that 11 Benefits gives us, but because my hair already has that body and volume as normal (and if I have more volume I’ll be sick already…). So for girls who don’t have volume, I imagine it will do something for them.

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Hola! Estoy aquí con una reseña del spray de tratamiento capilar 11 benefits de Revlon. Lo he estado usando religiosamente desde hace una semana y aunque no ha pasado mucho tiempo, he visto mucha mejora en la textura de mi cabello y se volvió mucho más manejable.
Al igual que muchas personas, mi cabello ha pasado por una tremenda tortura ( lol ), muchas veces de decoloración, permanente digital, tinte de cabello . Se ha vuelto tan seco y áspero que necesito usar un peine de enredo para peinar mi cabello porque me tomaría mucho tiempo si usara un peine normal. Para ser sincera, casi he perdido la esperanza en mi pelo. Y no es una exageración porque la mayoría de los estilistas dicen lo mismo de mi pelo.
Este spray de tratamiento viene en una pequeña botella como la que se muestra con una boquilla adjunta y es como una forma cremosa en el interior, pero cuando se pulveriza no deja un grumo o sensación pegajosa en mi cabello. Además, huele muy muy bien. Así que eso es un punto a favor. Y este tratamiento para el cabello es un tratamiento sin aclarado, lo que realmente me gustó.