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Blog de paula ordovas

Blog de paula ordovas

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Her blog has become one of the most influential in the fashion world, but has gone much further, colonizing Youtube, Snapchat and, of course Instagram where she reaches 276k followers. We talk about Paula Ordovás, the creator of Mypeeptoes, where we know more about her lifestyle, closely linked not only to the world of fashion but also to the world of sport. About her we are surprised by the energy and good humor she exudes and, of course, by her style.
Right now we are working on the international projection of the blog. In a few months I will live between Madrid and another city and this is linked to a big change that for now I prefer not to reveal.
The creation of my blog was something unexpected and without thinking. I was studying and working at the time and absorbed a thousand things that I had the need to dump somewhere. That’s how Peeptoes was born and, that hobby became a passion and soon after a lifestyle.
Sport is a fundamental part of me. It helps me to escape from everything and strengthens me physically and mentally every day. The body is the place where we live and we must take good care of it. Before I was not aware of it and with my channel I want to make everyone see it. If I have been able to change the chip, everyone can.

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On the wall with moldings by Orac Decor, a photograph acquired at Rue Vintage 74. Opposite, a work Luz en tierras, by Teresa J. Cuevas. The 19th century French console table is adorned with a Jonathan Adler vase.
Your corner to forget the world? The living room. I like to share moments in it with my husband, my dog Robin and my friends: watching TV series on the weekends, extending endless after-dinner conversations, sitting down to read a good book? My pink sofa is a real energy boost for me in every way.
Your favorite room is… My dressing room for shoes and accessories. It has lots of light and I always decorate it with fresh flowers. Its central island, made of marble, is ideal for working when I’m at home. I love spending time in it, I feel peace and tranquility.


Como profesional de las relaciones públicas y el marketing, no se puede acusar a Paula Ordovás de haber tropezado con el éxito como bloguera de moda por accidente. A diferencia de muchas de sus compañeras influencers, que pudieron convertir un hobby en un trabajo porque tuvieron suerte, la estilista española sabe que el éxito de la comunicación es cuestión de estrategia. En nuestra entrevista, nos desvela sus secretos de belleza, comparte cómo ve su marca personal y nos cuenta qué destino de viaje le robó el corazón.
Cuando tenía 17 años, me corté mi propio flequillo. Era terrible, pero tuve que dejarlo crecer. Además, siempre tuve problemas de encrespamiento, pero tardé en saber cómo controlarlo. Ahora sé cómo cuidar mi pelo y evitar el encrespamiento.
Me inspiro en muchos sitios, como la música, la moda, el street style, las redes sociales, el cine y las revistas. Creo que podemos acceder a mucha información, así que te inspiras todo el tiempo, en muchos lugares y de muchas maneras. Sólo hay que saber filtrar las cosas que te inspiran y crear tu propia mezcla.

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In 2015 she was named best fashion blogger by the Cosmopolitan awards and since then her career has done nothing but grow. We are talking about Paula Ordovás, who together with her brother (@mordovás) and her husband, form the Mypeeptoes team.
Paula’s smile is, just like her taste for fashion, stylish, fun and daring: it is easy to find a multitude of images in which she surprises by combining her image with a generously white and balanced smile.
The proportion of teeth (white) and gums (pink) is quasi-perfect, and if we look at it from the front we find that it «fills» all the space of the lips, the ideal situation for a person as exposed as she is to social networks.