febrero 13, 2024

Cancion la boda de mi mejor amigo

My best friend’s wedding final song

La boda de mi mejor amigo is a Mexican romantic comedy film directed by Celso García, written by Ronald Bass and starring Ana Serradilla, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Carlos Ferro and Natasha Dupeyrón. Of course, this film is a remake of the 1997 American film of the same name, My Best Friend’s Wedding, starring Julia Roberts. The new adaptation is scheduled for release in Mexico on February 14, 2019, ready to celebrate Love and Friendship Day / Valentine’s Day.
Today Cinépolis shares with us the first official trailer of this new version. Here it is. And for those who are wondering about the names of the songs of various artists that soundtrack the movie, you will find a list with this information at the end of the post.

Hasta la gente cancion

A film in which a young Cameron Diaz began to make a name for herself in Hollywood. The story managed to be a box office success and its restaurant scene has become part of the history of romantic comedies.
Aretha Franklin’s song, I Say A Little Prayer, became one of the most mythical scenes in which Cameron Diaz sings to a Julia Roberts in love with her fiancé, played by Dermot Mulroney. But the real star is undoubtedly Rupert Everett.

I say a little prayer for you in spanish

In the Mexican version of the film, Ana Serradilla takes on the role of Julia Roberts, and Natasha Dupeyrón that of Cameron Diaz; Carlos Ferro, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Mónica Huarte and Minnie West complete the equation.
The first big musical moment of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ comes in its first seconds, when with the song ‘Wishin and Hopin’ by Ani DiFranco, pink, and wedding dresses and rings flood the screen.
In the 2019 version, the intro was replaced by an animation in which the song ‘I want you to love me’ by Foams and Velvet can be heard in the background… and we must admit that the song is good.
If there is one song that represents the film starring Julia Roberts, it is ‘I Say a Little Prayer (For You)’; the song occupies an important place among fans of the film, as it can be heard in the emblematic restaurant scene and towards the end.
In Mexico, they opted for ‘Amante Bandido’ by Miguel Bosé… and people are not very happy. Restaurant scene in La Boda de mi Mejor Amigo (1997 / 2019)You won’t believe what song they used for the restaurant scene!

My best friend’s wedding 2

Another problem with making an exact copy of the original is that many of the situations are anachronistic and even politically incorrect. The professions of the main characters, the idea of someone giving up their studies to get married or the controversial «slut» issue are nothing but signs of a decade that no longer operate in the middle of 2019.
Adapting My Best Friend’s Wedding was basically a matter of figuring out which song to replace the classic I Say a Little Pray for You with. That scene from the original film is, without a doubt, on the list of the 100 most iconic moments in cinema. The song proposed in this Mexican remake is nothing short of pathetic. We won’t say what it is, but in short, they destroy one of the most memorable moments in the history of cinema.