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María f. rubíes has the perfect guest make-up for

Chiara and Fedez pulled off the seemingly impossible: they managed to unite a religious ceremony in a village in Italy with a full-fledged performance. The fleet of private planes, the swinging descent on the guests from the heights and the personalized hashtag #TheFerragnez prove it.
Personalized details were not lacking at María Pombo’s wedding either. But instead of putting the couple’s initials, she put the initials of each guest on their napkins. This way you can take them home and show off your elegance at the table. There were also cosmetics at the Cantabrian wedding in the form of men’s perfumes and even jewelry for the women. It is true that Marta Ortega’s lipstick is amazing, but both were very evenly matched with the gifts from the guests.
The Instagram effect that made sure the whole world knew what Chiara’s or Marta Ortega’s guests had received as a reminder of the wedding did not work at Maria Frubies’ nuptials. Because despite having a list of attendees full of it girls and instagrammers, none of them published images about the guests’ gifts. And that they spent the whole afternoon broadcasting the details of the party.

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Glitter is synonymous with style, glamour, sophistication, sensuality and luxury. Undoubtedly, everything that gives off the magnificent midi dress made of lilac sequins, embroidered in tulle, which chose María F. Rubíes to go to a wedding. A trend that sweeps this 2021 and that, besides being very flattering and feminine, we can find in outfits of all kinds.
So if you want to look as beautiful as her and get an extra brightness to not go unnoticed, do not miss this selection that we have prepared exclusively for you. These are 10 party dresses with lots of glitter – sequins, glitter, rhinestones, metallic textures… -, in all kinds of cuts and styles, inspired by her choice. You won’t be able to resist her beauty!
This St. Patrick’s mermaid is designed to cause a sensation thanks to the shimmering lamé with which it is made, which gives it a shimmering look that will raise passions. With simple lines, a deep V-neckline, delicate straps and a fishtail with pleats for ease of movement, it is a perfect choice for an afternoon or evening wedding, or one that takes place in a majestic setting.

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There are many more options for guest looks besides dresses, even though dresses always seem to take center stage. However, the tailored suits for guests are slowly gaining ground, and can be seen in the windows of the guest firms and also in the wedding ceremonies themselves. And is that tailored suits are a good investment for those who have a lot of weddings in their calendar and want to take advantage of the suit to reuse it on another occasion (either as a guest pants for another link or as a formal jacket to go to the office).
Do you want to look as spectacular as María Fernández Rubíes in your next BBC events? Do not hesitate and take a look at our selection of tailored suits for guests with which you will dazzle wherever you go.
The original suit that María Fernández Rubíes has worn is this model of the firm Inés Martín Alcalde, composed of a tuxedo style high-waist pants and a double-breasted blazer with shoulder pads (490 euros).

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La Gran Duquesa María Alejandrovna de Rusia (en ruso: Мария Александровна; 17 de octubre [5 de octubre] de 1853 – 24 de octubre de 1920), posteriormente duquesa de Edimburgo y duquesa de Sajonia-Coburgo y Gotha, fue la quinta hija y la única superviviente del emperador Alejandro II de Rusia y su primera esposa, la princesa María de Hesse y del Rin. Era la hermana menor de Alejandro III de Rusia y la tía paterna del último emperador ruso, Nicolás II.
En 1874, la Gran Duquesa María Alejandrovna se casó con el Príncipe Alfredo, Duque de Edimburgo, segundo hijo de la Reina Victoria y del Príncipe Alberto de Sajonia-Coburgo y Gotha; fue la única Romanov que se casó con la familia real británica. La pareja tuvo cinco hijos: un hijo, Alfredo, y cuatro hijas: Marie, Victoria Melita, Alexandra y Beatrice. Durante los primeros años de su matrimonio, María Alejandrovna vivió en Inglaterra. No se adaptó a la corte británica ni superó su aversión por su país de adopción. Acompañó a su marido en sus destinos como almirante de la Marina Real en Malta (1886-1889) y Devonport (1890-1893). La Duquesa de Edimburgo viajó mucho por Europa. Visitó a su familia en Rusia con frecuencia y permaneció largas temporadas en Inglaterra y Alemania asistiendo a eventos sociales y familiares.