abril 8, 2024

Frases de amor filosofos

Love phrases from books

When we are tired of reading those typical common quotes and we are looking for something more profound and intelligent, we look for those great quotes written by the greatest famous Greek philosophers in history, so we bring this list of messages beautiful philosophical phrases, the nicest about life and love with the best thoughts and reflections to think and dedicate.
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Love is a serious mental dis…

Whether you are studying philosophy or if you want to know some of the phrases that most influenced philosophy which is the study of a variety of fundamental problems about issues such as existence, knowledge, truth, love, friendship, morality, beauty, mind and language, these are the most relevant philosophical phrases in history.In this compilation you will not only find historical phrases but also short, funny, about love and even in English. In addition these philosophical phrases are ideal for posting on Instagram or other social networks.Surely when they tell us about great philosophers of history we think of: Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Nietzsche but in this article we are going to collect phrases of modern philosophers and people who despite not having the «poster» of philosopher has said phrases with a high philosophical power.
Although philosophy can seem boring, serious and heavy sometimes great philosophers have said funny and amusing phrases that besides reaching the soul and heart make the joy and good humor flood our thoughts.


For people who love to dedicate philosophical love phrases to the love of their life, here you will find a series of profound phrases to express all the beautiful feelings that person inspires.
Love is a deep feeling, often difficult to describe and express, but there are philosophical phrases that can help you say everything you feel, and that the other person receives it with pleasure.
When romance is part of your life, you can dedicate some of these philosophical phrases to that person who gives great value to your life, as well as the happiness and excitement of being part of your world, that world that although sometimes is not perfect, is your happy place.
These philosophical love phrases will allow you to define your feelings towards your partner in a very special way, because if there is one outstanding feature of philosophy, it is the depth in the way it expresses any idea or feeling.

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More in… Thoughtful quotesLife quotesPin «Time: what men are always trying to kill, but it ends up killing them.»  These are quotes from some of the most important philosophers and thinkers in history. Philosophy is not as boring as you might think after having studied the subject in school and to prove it to you I bring you these sentences that I hope you find interesting. They are texts and short phrases of life that invite you to reflect on love and life in general. I start with an image that includes a very «philosophical» sentence:Short philosophical sentences