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Carmen de pablo novias

Carmen de pablo novias

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Rocío Osorno, Olivia Palermo, María Pombo, María Frubíes and Carmen de la Puerta will help you, thanks to their choices, not to make a mistake with your wedding look. Tips for the dress, accessories and also makeup and hairstyle.
One of the most recognized international influencers, Olivia Palermo, surprised in 2014 with her bridal look. She did not wear a dress. She did not go with princess style, nor was she a conventional bride. The American bet on innovating, breaking those unestablished norms and creating trend. Not suitable for shy brides, but for those who want to show their own personality and style through their look.
From all that you must create a look that represents you, that highlights your beauty and that does not disguise you. Less is always more. Opt for a makeup that brings out the best version of yourself, that enhances the parts of your face that you like the most in a natural way.
In that, María Fernández-Rubíes conquered us at her wedding, held in 2018. Her wavy hair in the purest Hollywood style and parted in the center gave prominence to the rest of the look. The bridal makeup, very much in her style, let her freckles show and enhanced her youth with marked eyebrows, strategically worked illuminator, very subtle pink lips and intense look with a soft smoky look. Her skin was perfect, natural and delicate.

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As soon as I met Carmen I realized that she was going to be a special bride, one of those who let herself be guided and dare to make different proposals! I love those challenges and immediately all the inspiration for her began to come from me.
From the beginning there was a good harmony and connection with her and her mother. We started to try different cuts until we found a style of skirt with volume for which we chose a very subtle brocade, and the draped body looked really beautiful on the bride!
Carmen looked so radiant and beautiful on October 31. In the afternoon, she arrived arm in arm with her father at the Basilica of San Francisco El Grande where all the guests and her excited husband were waiting for her.
The day we had to choose what kind of veil she was going to wear at her wedding, we tried several styles until we found the one that fit her like a glove. A plumetti silk tulle veil that highlighted her back and the train of her wedding dress.

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The veil that Lola wore on her wedding day was this beautiful. Castellar Granados made it in French with very subtle sparkling sparkles, which sparkled when the bride arrived at the Sagrado Corazón de Málaga. A long veil with a shorter front full of rhinestones was the perfect complement to Lola’s stunning gown.
Carmen Halffter signed Sandra’s dress and her stunning cape-veil. A piece halfway between veil, hood and cape that proves there is life beyond the lace veil. Elegant, simple and innovative, yes, I want more brides like this!
Once again Castellar Granados reinvents the traditional veil, this time with a net with crystals that ends in a big bow at the back.  With a certain eighties feel and a look worthy of being seen on a haute couture catwalk, this veil is the key to a groundbreaking look for the most daring brides. Outstanding!
What happens if you put together two trends like the veil and brides with pamela? Well, you get something as impressive as this pamela-veil (or veil-veil, whatever you want to call it). Work of Paredero Quirós, we find the pamela wrapped in a floral tulle veil that Eli wore on her big day.

Carmen de pablo novias del momento

Ana and Álvaro, a couple that has touched us with their infinite generosity, sympathy and closeness. Our blog is allowing us to meet extraordinary people and feel very close to love in all its splendor and that, believe us, is a privilege. Thank you couple for sharing your big day and for the words you have dedicated to us in all social networks. You are pure love.
Ana’s bouquet was prepared by her trusted florist, «very simple with mini Edem roses», Ana tells us, «I asked her to have one for each of my best friends and then distribute it among them during the dinner». We think it is a beautiful and unique detail.
For his part, Álvaro, who has fascinated us with the innate elegance he exudes, entrusted Sastrería Guzmán in Málaga to make his morning suit. He combined it with a blue Armani tie and Louis Vuitton cufflinks, a proposal gift from Ana.
One of the most emotional moments for Ana was when after dinner, her dear friend DJ Sergio Villa, who also entertained the dance afterwards, prepared together with Alvaro a surprise for Ana that left her and all the guests with their mouths open. Spectacular fireworks began to light up the entire beach to the rhythm of the song «Viva la vida» by Coldplay.